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HMOs: The Basics

What Are HMOs - House Shares?

HMOs are basically houses that are rented out to three or more people who aren’t related, but they all share amenities like the kitchen and bathroom. HMOs are subject to certain regulations and licensing requirements, which can defer depending on the location.

This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the tenants. These properties are often popular among students or young professionals who prefer a more affordable and communal living arrangement.

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What Are HMOs - Bed Sits?

Bedsits are a little bit different, as they are like small apartments within a bigger property. They typically consist of a single room that serves as a living area, bedroom, and kitchenette, with shared bathroom facility.

Bedsits are often rented by individuals who prefer a more independent living arrangement but still want to share certain amenities and have a more affordable way of living.

Property Management & it’s Challenges

Property management for HMOs, house shares, and bedsits can present several challenges.

Some of the common challenges include:


Compliance with regulations: HMOs have certain regulations and licensing requirements that must be adhered to, such as fire safety standards, minimum room sizes, and adequate facilities. As property managers we need to ensure that the property meets the requirements and ensure its stays in compliant with local regulations.


Tenant turnover: With multiple tenants in the property, turnover can be frequent. Especially in house shares and bed sits. As property managers we need to efficiently handle tenant move-ins and move-outs. This includes conducting inspections, managing deposits, and finding new tenants to fill voids.


Maintenance and repairs: With multiple tenants sharing common areas, there is a higher likelihood of wear and tear, as well as maintenance. As property managers we need to promptly address maintenance requests, ensure regular inspections are carried out, and coordinate repairs to maintain the property’s condition and tenant expectations.


Communication and conflict resolution: In shared properties, conflicts among tenants can arise. As property managers we need to effectively communicate with tenants, mediate disputes, and ensure a balanced living environment for all residents.


Tenant safety and security: As property managers, it is crucial to prioritise the safety and security of tenants in HMOs, house shares, and bed sits. This includes implementing appropriate security measures, conducting regular safety inspections, and addressing any concerns promptly.

Overall, managing HMOs, house shares, and bed sits is labour intensive. They require knowledge and careful attention to regulations, effective communication, proactive maintenance, and a focus on tenants’ safety.

With our expertise and dedication, we provide comprehensive property management services for HMOs, house shares, and bed sits.

Whether you are a property owner looking for professional management or a tenant seeking a well-maintained and safe living space, Student Haus is the agent for you!