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4 Tips to being a student friendly (HMO) landlord

  1. Be responsive

Students have grown up as tech natives. They are used to the speed to the internet and expect answers now. Ensure you are responsive to any queries your student tenants have, be it about the rent, their deposit, move in and out processes and other student tenant related queries.

  1. Do maintenance right away

This is definitely top of the list. The sooner you get maintenance and repairs done the better. It is best also not to quibble over every penny to keep your tenants happy and any maintenance addressed. Your tenants will appreciate it and your investment property will benefit from it.

  1. Be fair with money

Often times student tenants depend on their student loans to come in for rent monies. Be flexible and agree to wait until the tenant has received their loan. Often times student tenants will agree to pay several month’s rent in advance once they have their loan.

  1. Respect privacy

Ensure you give your student tenants enough notice when arranging viewings, interim inspections or other appointments at the property. Students, although often more flexible than residential tenants, still want notice before you attend their property and don’t like if you show up unannounced.

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