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Avoiding Leaks in Your Student Accommodation

Leaks can be a common occurrence in student accommodation. To help tenants avoid any in their student house, we have put together a few pointers here:

  • When taking a shower, a) ensure you fully close the shower cubicle doors to avoid any water going through the door opening and b) if you have a shower curtain make sure the shower curtain is long enough to touch the bottom of the bath tub to avoid any water splashing underneath the curtain
  • Do use a bath matt to soak up any excess water from the flooring once you get out of the shower/ bath
  • Do mop up any excess water on the bathroom floor
  • Ensure you regularly unclog the shower/ bathtub drain of any hair or left over shower products to avoid the drains from getting clogged and the shower cubicle from overflowing
  • Do not put any oil or fat down your kitchen sink. This will clog it up over time
  • Do not pour any boiling water down your kitchen sink. Let it cool off first. Where you have plastic pipework under the sink, the boiling water can melt the plastic and you can have a leak underneath the kitchen sink

Notify Student Haus as soon as you become aware of any leaks/ drips in the property to avoid small repairs from turning into big maintenance headaches. You can report any maintenance directly through our website.

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