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Be safe in your student property

Living in student accommodation? Below are some pointers to help you stay safe in your student pad.

  • Check you always lock the property’s main entrance door to your student Haus.
  • Close all windows when you’re not home.
  • Winter’s here, and with it, long, dark days. It’s easy enough for anybody to peak in your pad from the outside if you leave curtains/ blinds open and lights are on. Be cautious about what you let outsiders see about what’s going inside your student home.
  • Don’t become an obvious target by leaving stuff on display for by-passers to spot, especially when it’s expensive gadgets, i.e. phones, laptops, TV’s, etc.
  • Don’t attract attention to your student house by i.e. being noisy when you’re all going for a night out and the cab is pulling up. This may make your student house an obvious target to burglars.
  • Consider if insurance specifically tailored to student accommodation is an option for you/ your flatmates.
  • Be cautious of your surroundings and overall sensible at what times and in what manner you come home, i.e. try not to come home (intoxicated) alone at night. Instead you could make arrangements with friends or share a cab. At least make arrangements with someone in your student digz who knows where you are.

The above isn’t an extensive list of do and don’ts and only a guideline. Be sensible. And if you ever feel unsafe, you can contact the local Police or Student Haus.

We want you to be safe. We want you to have a great time during your years as a student at University filled with positive experiences.

Live Love University Life.

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