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Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

Recent sad news of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have brought back the topic of #mentalhealth amongst business owners and entrepreneurs. Business ownership can seem glamorous to outsiders and entrepreneurship is a hot and celebrated topic amongst students and graduates.

Many underestimate the amount of commitment and sacrifice it can take to get a business off the ground and to keep it running even once it is established.

You can face pressure from competition, customers, cash-flow, changing industry regulations, disruptive technology that replaces whole job categories – just to name a few.

What helps when starting a business as a graduate is to have the right kind of support that can accelerate your growth and help you avoid making certain mistakes in business. The emphasis lies on the “right” support. Many people or businesses brand themselves as business mentors and business advisors but do they really understand the industry you decide to start a business in?

It is also important to have the right business support network around you that will help you navigate and go through the ups and downs of business ownership.

At Student Haus we offer students and graduates the opportunity to become a Student Haus Partner and with that access to the ins and outs of student (HMO) property lettings and sales to help avoid certain pitfalls of running a business, accelerate your growth and offer support through all stages of your business. We want to help graduates make business ownership more achievable, less scary and create a supportive environment for our Student Haus Partners. If you are interested in our business opportunity we’d love to hear from you via and a member of our team will set up a video call with you to discuss further.

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