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Tips for safety in your student property over Christmas

  1. Lock all doors, windows and garden gates.
  2. Take all valuables home.
  3. If you have to leave valuables, make sure they are hidden and registered with immobilise crime. You can register your valuables for freewith the national property database immobilise which makes it easier to reunite stolen goods with their original owners.
  4. Use timer light switches
  5. Don’t leave expensive items on display.
  6. Make sure no keys are left under doormats or plant pots.
  7. Ask a friend or neighbour (if you know them well) to keep an eye and to push through any mail hanging from the letter box.
  8. Be cautious about who you tell. Don’t just tell anyone you and your housemates have all gone home for Christmas.
  9. Make sure to turn all plugs of at the socket when you leave,things like a TV left on standby can really run up your energy bill.
  10. Make sure taps and showers aren’t left dripping.
  11. Make sure all gas hobs are switched off.
  12. Make sure to alter your central heating settings before leaving. Using a timer to heat the house for a few hours should help stop damp forming and radiators freezing
  13. Check nothing is left in the fridge.
  14. Royal Mail Keepsafe service – you may wish to use this helpful service to hold your post while you’re away. It means avoiding a letterbox full of unopened post that could be a clue to a vacant property.
  15. Don’t shout about an empty property on social media. Keep on top of your privacy setting and where possible don’t talk about going home for Christmas openly online.
  16. Home and contents insurance. Check your policy is up-to-date so if something does happen you can be prepared.
  17. Check any outdoor security lights are working properly. If it is not report this to Student Haus before the Christmas break through the online maintenance reporting system.
  18. Make sure that all rubbish has been put out – your student house will smell so much better when you return!
  19. Electricity supply –don’t switch off the electricity supply at any time as this will turn off your central heating boiler and prevent the fire alarm system and intruder alarm system (if applicable) from working.
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