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Does your student property stand out?

In recent years there have been significant changes in the student housing market in Manchester with a gradual shift from traditional student areas of south Manchester to the City Centre and surrounding areas.

There are several reasons for this shift, some of them are the changes in student funding as well as the changes to the student Visa process. Another major reason are the growing alternatives of high-end private sector purpose-built student blocks especially because they are in close proximity of the main University campuses.

It is important for you, the traditional student property investor, to recognise this trend and to understand the effects this has on your student property investment.

According to a report by the Manchester City Council, MMU has seen a decline in the numbers of first year students applying to stay in their own managed Halls, and Salford University has also reported a 6% increase in students commuting from home from last year.

This means that the student housing market is increasingly competitive and you need to ensure that your student property stands out. For you as an investor, it is important to understand the students’ search behavior for their housing. What do they look for when choosing their accommodation? When is the right time to put your property on the market so you don’t miss the rush? What is the best price to market your property at? How and where do students look for properties? What other extras do you offer to make your property more competitive?

If you would like an answer to any of these questions or if you are looking for help with your student property then please contact our office on to book in your free “Student Property Appraisal” and a one to one consultancy slot.

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Demand For Student Accommodation in the UK

With many universities around the UK struggling to provide students with residences, increasing numbers of students are seeking accommodation within the private sector, and sharing a student HMO is a very attractive option for many.

Indeed the depreciation of sterling has made living in the UK an attractive option to many as the cost of living has reduced. For students living on modest budgets, shared student accommodation is a perfect solution for enjoying the benefits of university education at a reasonable cost.

In most university cities, the demand is still very much outstripping the supply when it comes to student housing. Occupancy rates are at higher levels than ever before.

Student Haus offer landlords of student HMO’s a tenant finding and management service. Our sole focus is student tenancy management so we understand the complexities of managing HMO  properties and can offer you a fully tailored service which will help you make the best returns on your student property investment whilst keeping your tenants happy.